Friday, October 4, 2013

Grace in Transitions

by Deb Torell, M.A., LPC, LMFT
Deb Torell, M.A., LPC, LMFT

     George looked out the front window of his home, noticing with alarm the funnel cloud moving in slow motion toward his neighborhood.  He heard the tornado sirens go off and quickly ushered his wife, his three small children, and the family dog into the basement just as the winds hit.  In less than 60 seconds the neighborhood that he had lived in for much of his life was decimated.  George and his family and their neighbors were alive, but their formerly stable, secure, kind of “ho-hum” existence was instantly transformed into a nightmare of homelessness and uncertainty.  They would need a great deal of grace in the days ahead.

            Mary could not wait for the big wedding day coming up in a few short weeks.  She and Rick had met in college, courted for a year and a half, saved their money, and excitedly planned for this day to come.  Everything would be perfect; her dress, the music, the food, the presence of her friends and family, and then the honeymoon!  She and Rick were as prepared as they felt they could be.  But transitions always bring some surprises. What would they be?  Going from singleness to a twosome is a transition.  Whether easy or hard, they would need grace in the days ahead.

            Helen went in to work as usual this Friday morning.  She had been working as an administrative assistant in this company for 18 years.  She was hoping to be able to work until she reached the age of 68; this would enhance her retirement portfolio and give her a better feeling of security after the death of her husband two years ago.  On her desk was an envelope.  She opened it to find a pink slip.  What a way to announce the downsizing!  Her world suddenly caved in and she unexpectedly was in the midst of a transition.  She would need a good deal of grace in the days ahead.

            Stability, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is the quality or state of being firmly established.  It is predictable, constant, and unchanging; helping us to feel secure and safe.  We all desire stability in our lives and work hard to keep it when we have it.